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Kits for Kids:Teacher Submisison

Kits for Kids: Teacher Submission Form

Thank you for participating in the Kits for Kids Program. Please fill out the Teacher Submission Form below to help us know how many students participated and installed the items from their kits. This submission form must be completed to help your classroom receive a $1,000 grant. 

Buena Vista Elementary
Los Angeles Unified
Lynwood Unified
Rialto Unified
Riverside Unified
Rowland Unified
If you can't find the school or teacher you're looking for on this list, please list the district, school name, and teacher name below:

Number installed the following: 

Check how many of the included energy-saving products you installed in your home. 


light bulbNumber of LED Bulbs Installed:

showerheadNumber of Efficient-Flow Showerheads installed:


Bathroom faucet aerator Number of Bathroom Faucet Aerators installed:

Kitchen faucet aerator Number of Kitchen Faucet Aerators installed:

Home Types
Total Types of Water Heating:
By checking this box, you are an authorized school representative confirming that you collected the verification cards from participating students and entered the data accurately. Submitting the teacher submission form implies consent for the Program’s staff members to contact participating teachers by e-mail or phone for Program purposes (i.e., to gather program completion information and other data needed to qualify classrooms for the Program’s grant award).