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Upgrade your Energy Project with SoCalREN Cash Incentives!

Upgrade your Energy Project with SoCalREN Cash Incentives!

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Are you ready to fund your next public agency project? Apply for SoCalREN’s cash incentives today! SoCalREN Public Agency Programs offer enrolled agencies a fast-tracked incentive process to help your agency start saving money, fast.

How do SoCalREN’s cash incentives work?

1.    Agencies enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs work with their SoCalREN Project Manager to identify energy efficiency opportunities. 
2.    Once a project is identified, your SoCalREN Project Manager can guide your agency through the entire incentive application process. 
3.    Incentives are delivered to you, the organization paying for the energy-saving projects (not installers or manufacturers). 

Agencies can expect a quick and easy application process since SoCalREN’s cash incentives do not require a lengthy pre-approval. If your energy efficiency upgrade has predetermined energy savings calculations by the California Public Utilities Commission, we can skip the development of a comprehensive analysis to help you get your project in the ground even sooner. 

Is my project eligible for cash incentives?

All enrolled public agencies are invited to apply, and many projects are eligible! We are prioritizing facilities serving underserved communities with multiple energy-saving opportunities. For example, HVAC, interior lighting, exterior lighting, retrocommissioning, building envelope, pumping, and process optimization projects will all be eligible for SoCalREN’s cash incentives. 

Not sure if your facility is considered underserved? Enter your zip code on SoCalREN’s facility search webpage to check.

Take this SoCalREN agency as an example!

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Interested? Reach out to your SoCalREN Project Manager to get started on an incentive application. Don’t have a SoCalREN Project Manager yet? No worries! Fill out the registration form at to get started.